Guidelines on Hiring Wedding Catering Services


It can be a hard task to choose your wedding caterer. More than half of the budget on your wedding is consumed by food and drinks. Finding catering services therefore that give you your money’s worth is of utter importance. The food and drinks will be of much interest to your guests. A reputable catering company will surely leave your guests talking about your event for a long time. Finding a caterer can get tricky. After finding a venue for your wedding, choosing a caterer is next. Finding catering will be done by you if your venue doesn’t provide on-site catering. Here are some tips that will help you find the right caterer or your wedding.

Foremost, figure out your wedding’s budget. As mentioned earlier, food and drinks take up over half of your wedding budget. In order to ensure you spend wisely do careful planning. With a catering budget you can find the catering company that is affordable. Catering companies offer packages and you can choose the best for you from them. It’s wise to inform your caterer on your budget so that they recommend the best package for you. Get a caterer that can get you sample menus tailored your taste and budget. Make yourself one of the luckiest person who learn about the Baltimore corporate catering.

It is very important to discuss with your venue about what is inclusive of the fee for the venue. If your venue won’t be providing you with dinnerware and linens for your ceremony, your caterer should provide them. Your fee will be higher if you require this. You should ask your caterer to give you a quote inclusive of VAT. Unanticipated costs will happen if you get a quote not inclusive of VAT. Ensure you get as many proposals as you can for the catering. With these, you can compare cost, service and menu options. Provide your caterer with the number of expected guests and get details from them on the catering. Your caterer will make a proposition on the particulars for your event. With this kind of information from multiple caterers you can narrow on your choice. If you are interested in Baltimore wedding catering, please click the link provided.

Having a tasting is important. A tasting will ensure you are happy with your menus and give you the chance to make adjustments. Tasting also gives you an opportunity to see firsthand the quality and presentation of your caterers work. Have a tasting with your top three choices. Most caterers don’t offer to taste until you have signed with them. You can attend one of their events to experience their work before signing with them. With these tips, you are sure to find the right caterer for you.


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